About you and me

If you get down to reading this blog, you’ll probably love me initially…until…you get to a post where I cite an incident where someone like you is portrayed as the villain!

As the title suggests, this blog is about my observations and insights from the world of work. Of course, we tend to notice the goofs quicker than we notice anything commendable, so it should not be surprising if you see a 70-30% split between the bad/ugly and good. Even from the bad/ugly, though, I hope there is something useful — after all, we don’t have the time to make all the mistakes ourselves!

If I’ve done something stupid, I’ll admit that it’s my own story. If someone else has done something stupid, I’ll probably change the name. If I’ve done something commendable, I’ll probably not shout from the rooftops and say I did it 🙂 The idea is in the lesson, not in the person. And much as I’d like to give concrete and detailed examples and dates, I’ll have to avoid this because I’ll make it very obvious which company/ project I’m referring to. Also, as a matter of principle, I will not blog anything negative about my current workplace or co-workers.

And once in a while, I’ll share an aside that’s plain hilarious — not in the good/ bad/ ugly category, but just clean fun!

mothAll a matter of perspective…

Because I’ve worked in software firms and in a large bank (that needed a bailout), most of my stories are from there. There are a few cases where I’ve picked the brains of some friends and quoted those stories.

Please share your stories
If you have an interesting story, please share it (or a link to your story) by mailing me or posting a comment.

Please share my stories too!
I am writing this blog just to share what I know; I am not trying to sell anybody anything. Therefore, if you find the story useful, please share it with your friends.

My other blog
While this blog focuses on my rants about the workplace, I have another blog here (riffrantrave.wordpress.com), which covers my rants from a consumer’s/ citizen’s perspective.

Use of photos
Most photos have been clicked and touched up by me. Alternatively, I may use a picture from Wikimedia Commons — with citation, of course.


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